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Nov 2022 
GoGo Golf Winter League

GoGo Golf Winter League is a fun recreational league for the winter that is open to all individual participants with the max of 32 participants. 

There are no separate divisions based on age, gender or playing ability (Handicap). Everyone is competing against everyone. However, Tees will be adjusted for all participants to ensure a fair and competitive playing environment. 


League Play is scheduled for 5 rounds of individual stroke play starting Oct 22. One round will be played each week for 5 consecutive weeks. The Top 16 competitors from League Play will compete in a Match Play elimination playoff. 


From League Play there will be a Net Champion and prizes awarded based on Net Score across all 5 rounds. Net Score is the total number of strokes minus the handicap number provided by the player. 


The Top 16 competitors will be determined from Gross Score during League Play. Gross Score is simply the total number of strokes across all 5 rounds. 


Match play matches will be handicap adjusted between competitors. Handicaps for players will be determined based on the top 4 rounds from the 5 rounds of League Play.

Registration and Fee


Registration fee will be $199 plus tax for the 5 rounds of stroke play (7.5 hours) and match play playoff if qualified.


Each participant’s individual round will be scheduled for 75 min. Participants may coordinate to schedule and play their rounds together.


When registering, you will be asked to provide available playing time during the week for your matches. We will generally try to schedule all participants for the same time each week during league play. If you have specific times that you want to play or want to coordinate rounds to play with another participant, please using the comment section in the registration form. 

2nd Place

$300 Sim Time Credit

Match Play Prizes

1st Place

$500 Sim Time Credit

3rd/4th Place

$150 Sim Time Credit


Daytime Availablity
Evening Availablity
VGG Registration
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